By the time you end up reading this short article, around 100,000 aluminium coffee pods are thrown into landfills around the UK!

By the time you end up reading this short article, around 100,000 aluminium coffee pods are thrown into landfills around the UK!

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Coffee pods are really convenient and go well with the quick rate of our contemporary times. They're fast, easy to use, and regularly make an excellent cup of coffee. The environmental impact is a genuine catastrophe. Despite efforts to encourage recycling, hundreds of millions of plastic and aluminium pods are being discarded every year in the UK and internationally.

Over 300,000,000 aluminum and plastic coffee pods are used in the UK alone each year. To make this worse, aluminium and plastic capsules can take over 500 years to break down.

Even when recycling does happen, at finest it's an extremely hard process and sometimes entirely impossible. The plastic and aluminium pods are made from several layers of customized materials. This is required given that the brewing process needs the pods to be strong enough to endure immense heat and pressure. The coffee pods need to make it through a temperature of more than 100 degrees Celsius and 20 bar pressure. These are extremely hard operating conditions!

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The totally compostable coffee capsules take as little as 5 months to completely break down. And this was a hard engineering problem to fix, generally because the coffee capsules require to be made to stand up to the heat and pressure from the device, however likewise since it's challenging to create a naturally degradable plastic that can create a full seal and keep the coffee fresh.

After months of preparation, designing and screening, it was done. What's more is that they're totally safe to throw away into your domestic food waste bins. And the other important component was not forgotten: fantastic coffee. While the creative scientists went to work on making a sustainable coffee pods, the coffee lovers went on an objective to source some of the World's best coffees.

The outcome is the World's finest coffees crammed in fully sustainable coffee pods that always keep the coffee fresh - and you can get it right here.

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