I am sure that if you are a coffee lover, you have heard this: "Coffee is awesome for you!"

I am sure that if you are a coffee lover, you have heard this: "Coffee is awesome for you!"

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Current research study has revealed that coffee is the number one source of anti-oxidants in a modern diet.

Antioxidants, are nutrients that are responsible from securing your body's cells from being destroyed by toxic substances.

This damage has been connected to an increased threat of particular medical conditions, such as cancer, heart problem and others.

Anti-oxidants are found in the good stuff that our moms made us eat when we were little, namely fruits & veggies.

Surprisingly, a number of us didn't listen and took up coffee rather because more people get their daily dosage of antioxidants from coffee than from broccoli!

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The leading 10 list for the source of antioxidants in the modern diet were noted as follows:
* Coffee
* Black Tea
* Bananas
* Dried Beans
* Corn
* Red Wine
* Beer
* Apples
* Tomatoes
* Potatoes

Research likewise revealed that there was esentially no difference between the quantity of antioxidants in routine versus decaf coffees.

Now this doesn't indicate that you should run out and take in mass amounts of coffee. Like everything in life, small amounts is the crucial!
And by the way, you should still eat your fruits and veggies, simply finish them off with a fantastic cup of coffee!

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