Link Between Coffee and Art

Link Between Coffee and Art

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Art has actually been present all around the world for countless years. It is the extremely something that a human cannot remove from us. I'm sure if you're a coffee fan, you've also heard some people comparing coffee to an art.

And they are not wrong. Because coffee is indeed an art. Want to know why?

What is Art?

Firstly, let us understand and discover about what art truly is. Well, as per its definition, art is a kind of expression and creativity. Art is a diverse collection of human activities involving the production of visual, auditory, or efficiencies wherein, you express your own ideas and feelings through creative and technical abilities. Generally, art is an activity where you produce your own emotions by expressing them the way you would like them.

What about Coffee?

Coffee, as we all know, is one of the most commonly taken in beverages all around the world. Some people, especially grownups suggest that they cannot begin their day without a cup and without taking a sip of the caffeine-based beverage.

Now a new curious concern emerges, "How do coffee and art have a connection?" To those of you who are devoted artists, especially painters, you may have become aware of the term coffee painting.

What About Coffee Painting?

Coffee painting has actually been around for ages. To get an insight into this topic, let us talk a little bit about its history. This way of painting which sounds contemporary and brand-new is actually as old as time itself. The first coffee paintings appeared centuries back as coffee started to be monopolized in Europe.

The motivation came from the ancient times where Chinese artists utilized tea in their art to give their paintings a sort of sepia look. Coffee painting artists like how it offers its own unique texture. It is an outlet for expressions of their own imaginations and emotions.

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Now all of us understand that there is an art that utilizes coffee as its main ingredient and producing art means that you put all your effort and time into it.

Is there still a connection in between art and coffee? Do not fret since think about this, by just simply making a cup of coffee, you are also expressing your own thoughts, state of mind, and feelings.

You have a goal in mind; an imagination. You want your coffee to be rich and delicious, so you carefully grind up those beans totally and with pure intentions to get the best taste that you want. You are utilizing your skills and enthusiasm as you make it. Isn't it remarkable? That while simply making your own coffee, you are now developing art and revealing your emotions. That is the charm of the art of a simple cup of coffee.

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