Three Ways to Minimize Your Gigantic Garbage Dump Waste

Three Ways to Minimize Your Gigantic Garbage Dump Waste

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Garbage dump is a big concern for the environment, particularly here in the UK where we are so desperately short of areas to put it. Each year, we chuck out over 26 million lots of family rubbish, more than half of which gets buried underground. Two-thirds of garbage dump is biodegradable, leading to big amounts of greenhouse gasses being released as it breaks down and thus speeding up global warming.

If that's not bad enough, there's the capacity for local environmental pollution caused by chemicals and germs permeating into the soil and rainwater where they can enter the food chain. Contribute to this the expense of disposing of such enormous amounts of rubbish and you can rapidly see why it's so crucial to do your bit to minimize it.

So, how do we make a difference? Actually, it's not that tough. A couple of modifications occasionally can have a significant impact, specifically if more of us use up the obstacle. Here are 5 simple ways you can help reduce garbage dump.

1. Offer old clothes to charity

In 2016, Brits put 300,000 tonnes of clothing in the bin. That's a mountain of products that could all be reused or recycled in one kind or another. Instead of sending them to rot gradually on the tip, provide them to a charity that can reuse them for an excellent function. How challenging is it to contribute? It's as simple as putting them in the bin. Nowadays, charities leave recycling bags on your doorstep, simply put your old clothing in there instead of in the bin bag and leave them outside your door. How basic is that?

Second, Stop squandering great food

The UK wastes an incredible 10 million tonnes of food per annum, with households contributing over 70% of that figure. It's estimated that the average household gets rid of ₤ 500 of food each year.

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Instead of tossing everything in the bin, there are ways to cut down the amount of food you send out to garbage dump. One easy option, for those whose regional council provides the service, is to put food waste in the recycling bin instead of your rubbish bin, this way it can be put to good use. You can compost your waste and utilize it on your garden if you don't have this service.

There are likewise methods to reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away prior to it winds up on your plate. Planning weekly meals ensures you only purchase the important things you understand you will require while inspecting use-by dates helps you keep things properly so they last longer (i.e., put them in the freezer instead of the fridge). And if you have things you know are never ever going to get consumed, do excellent with them-- donate them to a food bank.

Third, Use biodegradable coffee pods

For years we've been in the habit of putting used teabags in the food recycling and coffee pods in the rubbish bin. With a huge increase in the numbers of people using coffee makers, the number of plastic and aluminium pods being thrown away has reached incredible proportions.

There is, however, a happy solution for ecologically conscious coffee enthusiasts who desire the convenience of the humble coffee pod-- the compostable pod. Here at Moving Beans, we've produced an eco-friendly pod that totally composts in a mere 16 weeks. When you're making a brew, this means you can now put your coffee pods in the recycling with the tea bags-- which will also make it less of an inconvenience.

Summing up

As you can see, if you want to help reduce the quantity of waste entering into the UK's landfill sites, there are quite a few things you can do: provide your old clothing to charity, minimized food waste, buy a recyclable drinking bottle and reuse or sell on your old home items. And if you find this thirsty work, grab yourself a great cup of coffee, knowing the pod can be recycled too.

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