Moving Beans Coffee Spotlight: Colombia Single Origin

Moving Beans Coffee Spotlight: Colombia Single Origin

Each coffee has its own story!

Colombian coffee is one of the World's most popular coffees - and for a good reason! Colombian coffee is well-known for its abundant scent and amazingly remarkable taste. It's been nearly 200 years that Colombian coffee has been exported all over the world!

Rich in flavour, warmth, and body, you’ll detect dark chocolate and berry tasting notes with a hint of delicate sweetness in ours.

That's why we thought it's about time you found out about our Colombia Single Origin Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules — rich, smooth sipping, perfect for any time of day.

Moving Beans Biodegradable & Compostable Coffee Capsules - Colombian Single Origin



More about our Colombian single origin coffee:

Our Colombian coffee comes from the Arabica bean, one of the highest quality coffee beans available from the finest farms all around the world. It's a bean that is exclusively grown in the mountains of Colombia. It is generally lower in caffeine when compared to some other Arabica or Robusta beans (but not by too much!) Traditionally, the beans are washed, which aids in their purification and reduces their acidity. As a result, this gives a richer and stronger aroma.

Moving Beans Compostable & Biodegradable Coffee Capsules - Colombian Single Origin

From a location and climate point of view, Colombia enjoys ideal geography for growing coffee at exactly the right conditions for coffee to thrive. The unique flavour is due to the perfect soil and the perfect amount of rainfall. Coffee beans prosper with temperatures that never fall below freezing and with at least 220 centimetres of rainfall per year.

Coffee beans are typically hand-picked. The pickers are trained to yield only beans at the right ripeness. And there are more than half a million coffee producers in Colombia, each employing skilled coffee bean pickers who pick your coffee bean by hand. One by one.

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More about Moving Beans Australia:

Moving Beans Australia roasts coffee and manufactures compostable & biodegradable Nespresso-compatible coffee pods locally in Sydney, New South Wales.

Just like in the UK, Asia, and the EU, Moving Beans Australia sells a range of biodegradable and compostable Nespresso-compatible capsules using only the world's finest specialty coffees.

Browse the range coffee coffees we have available in Australia and New Zealand here.

Moving Beans Australia

Bringing you the finest coffees in Nespresso-compatible compostable coffee pods directly to your door, affordably and conveniently.

All Aussie-made and roasted in Sydney!


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