“Best eco-friendly and compostable coffee pods” – Not Our Words!

“Best eco-friendly and compostable coffee pods” – Not Our Words!

We are in!

We got featured in the Olive Magazine, a leading food & beverages magazine with a huge readership. Coffee expert Celeste Wong gave us a raving review!

She has tried and tested the best compostable coffee pods and capsules to help the readership to make the right choice, and she chose our Moving Beans compostable Nespresso pods.


How were the coffee pods tested?

As clearly stated by Celeste, all pods reviewed are Nespresso compatible. She tested across a wide set of capsules using a Nespresso Inissa Pod machine.

All pods were extracted as a short espresso (approx. 30ml) and a lungo (80-110ml). Although coffee can be extracted longer, one should not run the risk of over-extracting.


What’s the Olive Magazine saying?

“Moving Beans specialises in eco-friendly Nespresso-compatible coffee pods, with a range of styles on offer.

The capsules are fully compostable and biodegradable, made from sugar cane and sugar beet plants.

A discovery pack of all six styles of coffee (from a classic espresso blend to Colombian single origin) is available to get you started, as well as subscription options.”

She tried the Classic Espresso Blend:

“This capsule was bold with a good chocolate base.

There is a distinct citrus flavour and acidity which makes it interesting and not all one note.

I’d recommend just a small amount of milk if you’d like a milder tasting coffee, because the espresso might get lost in too much milk.”


Did she try the other coffees?

We are sure she will! We recently introduced some amazing coffees.

Customers asked for even more flavoured coffees and we acted: we introduced a strong and amazingly flavoured Bold Ristretto Blend and a strongly flavoured Decaf Bold Espresso Blend.

Our signature Ristretto is made with a unique blend of quality Colombian and Ugandan beans.

The Colombian is characterized by rich fragrances of liquorice, caramel and chocolate.

The Ugandan gives a hazelnut aromas with a slight hint of cherry fruit.

The result is a robust lasting aftertaste of spices and dark chocolate.


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