Easyjet Magazine - What A Wonderful Story!

Easyjet Magazine - What A Wonderful Story!

Headlined with "Who wants a green coffee?", Easyjet run a feature on Moving Beans in their in-flight magazine. The article is so sweet, that we have taken the liberty to copy it verbatim below:

"What do you get when you combine the brainpower of a mechanical engineer, a material scientist and a digital technologist? This isn’t the start of a niche occupational joke, rather the beginnings of Moving Beans, a British start-up tackling the unnecessary amounts of waste that comes with our over-reliance on modern conveniences.
The trio in question – Dan, Gemma and Mike – came together in the winter of 2017 with an idea: surely something could be done about the 56 billion coffee pods that are chucked away every year. The majority of these single-use products contain – surprise, surprise – plastic, as well as aluminium, meaning they’ll take around 500 years to decompose, leaving a trail of unpleasant by-products in their wake.
Inspired by a concern for the environment matched with their shared love of caffeine, the founders strived to find a Nespresso-compatible capsule that would be fully sustainable, affordable and able to contain the great taste of coffee, too. Hitting all three targets proved challenging, but they struck upon a plant-based alternative that uses fibres from sugar beet. Sealed by recyclable paper, the pods can be put in the organic waste bin along with the coffee grounds they hold. A number of price-cutting subscription options means that saving the earth doesn’t have to cost the earth, either.
By and large, people are receptive to change. Nobody thought twice about using plastic straws or single-use plastic water bottles, but we’re starting to realise the significant effect our seemingly small habits are having on the planet. Moving Beans is part of an ever-growing global movement of companies that let you live a greener lifestyle without having to sacrifice home comforts. Greta Thunburg would be proud ..."


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