Our Seed Investment Is In - Accelerating our Vision

Our Seed Investment Is In - Accelerating our Vision

We are super happy to announce the arrival of our first investment. It is Moving Beans' seed investment. It will hopefully help us to grow the business and to execute on our vision and mission.

The contracts were signed a few days back, and the money hit our accounts today in the early morning. We are pumped to put all our diligent planning into action, and conquer the world with an amazing product: our compostable Nespresso-compatible coffee pots. 

Investment was really need to ensure we have enough fire power to choose the best coffee (which is not obvious since coffee that works with normal coffee machines rarely works in pods); to establish reliable supply chains; to ensure that the product remains affordable; and of course to cover costs in marketing to reach all our wonderful future Moving Beans customers. 

To new beginnings, and with loads of love, your Moving Beans team!


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