The Independent Features Moving Beans' Sustainability

The Independent Features Moving Beans' Sustainability

Today we were featured in the Independent, one of UK's leading newspapers. The headline is "Best eco-friendly coffee capsules and pods for a guilt-free brew".

As Stacey put it nicely in the article: "There's no reason why your favourite hot drink should be bad for the environment, even if you've got a speedy machine that requires pods".

The article continues, "Created out of a clever mix of sugar cane and sugar beet plants, these compostable and biodegradable pods are completely free from plastic and aluminium, so they can be disposed of in your food waste collection bin. The house espresso is a powerful dark roast – the perfect pod to get you going in the morning."

We are proud and happy to have been featured in the article. We hope a lot of people have heard our message about our compostable Nespresso-compatible coffee pods. 

Enjoy! :)


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