We Have Revamped Our Youtube Channel - Please Follow

We Have Revamped Our Youtube Channel - Please Follow

We had posted a few videos here and then, but never really took our message of sustainability to our Youtube channel. That has changed. Today! :)

We have started to post some of our clips. For instance, our first video portraits a small child which gets really angry over not being told that sustainable compostable coffee pods from Moving Beans exist :). 

Our second video is another "fun" one where you can see a man disappointingly pouring some coffee, coffee Americano (we have to add :)) over his shirt. Again, this is because he was not told that Moving Beans compostable coffee capsules do exist. 

Our third video is homage to the amazing staff at the NHS who have done wonders during the recent Covid19 crisis. We had advertised (and still are) that any NHS staff will get free coffee from us. We had written about this also here

And the next video is showing a person enjoying the beautiful sunset whilst enjoying an amazing Moving Beans coffee from compostable coffee pods. The message is really about taking care of our wonderful nature.

The fifth video is all about a young happy person enjoying her morning coffee. Mornings can be difficult, and Moving Beans can make all the difference. 

Every morning should be like this :). The video shows a couple in the early morning hours, just before a delicious cup of coffee. A little spicy video; we hope you don't mind :).

The next video is our all-time favourite. It was shot in the garden of Gemma and Mike, using the hands of their daughter Dalia. We applied some interesting time-reversal techniques and ended up with this video alerting everybody about the environmental impact of Nespresso capsules.  

What about video #8? These little creatures are jumping up and down, having a truly good time. A symbol of anybody drinking a delicious cup  of Moving Beans coffee. Enjoy! :) 


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