Arabica, Robusta and the Imaginative Blends

Arabica, Robusta and the Imaginative Blends

The differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans have been widely discussed in several online fora. The main differences are that Arabica grows at higher altitude than Robusta, conferring a richer bean with more concentrated flavours and thus floral and fruity notes. The Robusta coffee plant instead is a more resilient species that grows at lower altitudes and tends to provide more bitter coffee with often woody and earthy notes. Robusta is also higher in caffeine, typically twice that of Arabica. 

On the whole, Arabica coffee tends to be the absolute winner for quality and taste. There is no doubt that a good quality Arabica coffee is exceptionally celestial. However, while Robusta’s are known to be bitterer than Arabica’s and are often referred as the low-quality option, the reality is that there are many different quality grades for both type of coffees, and therefore they accommodate a large variety of qualities, flavours, textures and tastes. 

If in addition we blend these two types of coffee, the myriad of flavours and sensations you can get are innumerable. Did you know that there are more distinguishable coffee flavours than there are wine flavours? Some of these coffees are excellent to be mixed with milk, others are especially good for a morning wake up and yet others are particularly enjoyable during a relaxing and peaceful moment.

Above illustrates that there is really no “best coffee” as it all comes down to your individual taste. As simple as this! The coffee you like will certainly differ from the coffee others like. And that is the beauty of it – it is the diversity of coffee tastes and people’s tastes where the magic is.

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