Corona Crisis, Supply Chains and Consumer Behaviour

Corona Crisis, Supply Chains and Consumer Behaviour

The Corona Cov19 crisis has taught us some tough lessons! Not only has it caused many family tragedies and massive economic havoc, we have seen first-hand that we were not prepared for such a pandemic. A pandemic which we were warned about, with arguably sufficient lead time.

Yet, everything what could go wrong went wrong. We, as a startup business, have seen the down but also upside of the crisis. And we would like to share some of these lessons from “the front”.

On the downside, from a pure business point of view, we had experienced massive problems with the supply chain in March 2020. Our products are essentially composed of three components: the pod, the lid and the coffee. Each component comes from very different places. To minimise the carbon footprint, we typically order in large quantities. But this time, due to closure of borders and absence of staff in factories, we experienced critical issues with the supply chain. The result: shortage of stock – the biggest nightmare for a small company (but of course nothing compared to the tragedies experienced by many globally).

On the upside, we had encountered the kindness of our customers. Nobody complained. On the contrary, we had people offer us to pay upfront until the stock comes in so as to help us with the cash flow. We were amazed, and so grateful. The community came together over this crisis, which was really emotional for us all.

And we are proud of having played a very small role in helping society at these trying times. We have delivered coffee for free to several NHS hospitals in the UK and Australia. 

We hope we won’t see such a terrible crisis unfold ever again! Our condolences to all families who have lost a loved one. And our admiration to all the incredible staff of the NHS around the world who saved lives, day in and day out.

Stay strong and healthy! Love, from the Moving Beans team.


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