For The Coffee Savvy: What Is Coffee Cupping?

For The Coffee Savvy: What Is Coffee Cupping?

There are endless flavour notes to coffee. You can practice observing these through a coffee tasting technique called coffee cupping.

In order to achieve the most consistent results, the “cupper” (which could be you) needs to follow very specific but simple procedures: 

1️⃣ Grind the coffee in a bow

2️⃣ Smell the ground coffee

3️⃣ Top it up with hot water

4️⃣ Wait for 4 min

5️⃣ Break the crust that has formed with a spoon and stir three times.

6️⃣ Smell the aroma as this is happening and then you wait for a further 6 min

7️⃣ Taste it. Take a sip with a spoon, without disturbing the grounds at the bottom.

Then, write down the tasting notes you perceive. At first, it is a good idea to explore the nuances by focusing on whether the coffee tastes nutty or chocolaty or whether it has notes of berries or fruit. Once you start being able to identify flavours, you can start thinking which berry or fruit it could be.

Why not try it with our Moving Beans coffees which come in fully compostable coffee pods? You’ll be surprised how different coffees actually taste when you do flavour comparisons and how much more accurate you’ll become over time.


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