Free Coffee To Our Heroes At The NHS

Free Coffee To Our Heroes At The NHS

The Cov19 crisis has turned the world upside-down. It was predicted to happen. But nobody did believe it would hit them in their lifetime. And with such a force. Families suffer because they lost a loved one. Workers suffer because work has basically stopped or has been completely changed in style. And companies suffer, particularly small ones, because their income collapsed overnight.

But the working force which has been affected most are our health care workers. Our doctors, nurses and all the support staff to make the NHS working. Day in and day out. No matter what. These are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers; people who are now caught at the front line of this terrible crisis.

Many don’t have time to sleep, or even to shop for the most basic goods. Many companies, large and small, have stepped in and volunteered with helping our wonderful heroes of the NHS. Moving Beans is no different.

We stand by our amazing NHS staff who save life whilst jeopardising theirs. We want to help, too. Our help is pale compared to what is at stake, and there is only one thing we can really help with: coffee. But we do this with all of our love, and under a start-up’s cash flow struggles.

To our heroes in the NHS, we deliver free of charge our premium Nespresso-compatible and compostable coffee. We will try to help as many as possible but at least 20 hospitals. Please, contact us under and/or spread the word to reach as many NHS nurses/doctors as possible. Thank you!


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