How to Make Cold Brew From Your Moving Beans Coffee

How to Make Cold Brew From Your Moving Beans Coffee

Moving Beans has really made your life easier and full of energy by giving you the best brew of coffee in such simple ways. Other than brewing just simple coffee, tea, or milk we can now use it to make our own home-made cold brew in simple steps!

What makes cold brew special is the way it is made differently from the common coffee we know, and the taste is unique too! It is way sweeter and smoother than regular coffee, it has no bitterness and has a lower acidity which makes it very popular.

So if you’re someone who wants to make a cold brew, continue reading and in this article, I’ll tell you all the things you need and all the things you have to do to create a tasty cold brew using a Moving Beans coffee or a French press - your choice.



In order to make your cold brew at home, here's what you'll need. Just a disclaimer, this recipe only serves 3 cups of cold brew, and if you want to brew more than or less than 3 cups use the ratio of 50 grams of grounded coffee every 350 ml of water.

  • French Pressor
  • 1-liter cold water
  • Grinder
  • Weighing Scale
  • 90 grams of coffee
  • Stirring utensil


Video: Sustainable and Compostable Coffee Pods by Moving Beans.



  1. Weigh 90 grams of coffee bean. If you are looking for a recommendation where you can order your fresh coffee bean, check Moving Beans’  products I’m sure you will find something you’ll love.
  2. Grind your beans extra coarse. You don’t want your coffee beans to be ground too fine because it will be more bitter than it is.
  3. Place your freshly ground coffee in the French Press.
  4. Add 1-liter of cold water and give it a stir.
  5. Cover your French Press and leave it at room temperature. If the weather and humidity are too hot you can place it inside the refrigerator overnight or for about 12-24 hours.
  6. After hours of waiting transfer the cold brew from a different container.
  7. Pour it in a glass or cup with ice, add sugar or honey for more sweetness, and milk for a creamier taste.
  8. Serve and enjoy!

We at Moving Beans are an SME that has provided compostable coffee pods for a long time, with more news at our website of Moving Beans. Or go through a pertinent blog on compostable coffee pods. Moving Beans was the first to deliver sustainable Nespresso coffee capsules.


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