Our Colombian – Dark Chocolate, Mild Citrus & Berry Fruits

Our Colombian – Dark Chocolate, Mild Citrus & Berry Fruits

We thought of writing a series of blogs on our coffees. Let’s start with our Colombian Single Origin coffee. We did some long tasting sessions among the co-founders of Moving Beans and finally settled for the following description: dark chocolate, mild citrus and berry fruits. These are tastes we experienced at different times of consumption, i.e. the first impression, mid palate and the long-lasting taste.

Our Colombian comes from an Arabica bean, a type which is exclusively grown in the mountains of Colombia. It is in fact one of the highest quality coffee beans available. It is generally lower in caffeine, when compared to other Arabica or Robusta beans. Tradition has that the beans are washed, aiding in purification and in reducing the acidity of the beans. As a result, this gives a richer and stronger aroma.

So why is Colombian so premium? In addition to the premium Arabica bean, this is largely due to two further factors: first, the fantastic climate; and second, the specific growing and harvesting process.

Indeed, from a location and climate point of view, Colombia enjoys an ideal geography for growing coffee at exactly the right conditions for coffee to thrive. The unique flavour is due to the perfect soil (a result of location and climate) and the perfect amount of rainfall. Coffee beans prosper with temperatures which never fall below freezing and with at least 220 centimetres of rainfall per year.

And from the harvesting point of view, every single coffee bean is typically hand-picked. The pickers are trained to yield only beans at the right ripeness. And there are more than half a million coffee producers in Colombia, each employing skilled coffee bean pickers who pick your coffee bean by hand. One by one.

Thus, if you are looking to enjoy a cup of the finest coffee in the world, look no further than Moving Bean’s Colombian!


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