Perfect Iced Coffee For Lazy Summer Months

Perfect Iced Coffee For Lazy Summer Months

Want to discover something new, for the hot summer days? What about drinking an iced espresso? Here's a recipe from coffee colleagues from down-under, Pea Berrys Coffee Roasters

  1. Grab a 300-350ml glass 
  2. Add ice up to 1/3 of the glass
  3. Fill it with full-cream milk (if you like milk), leaving a 2cm gap at the top
  4. Pour a fresh double (Moving Beans :)) espresso over the top

Instead of ice cubes, you can also add ice cream, where Vanilla works particularly well.

Now, what about sugar? It turns out that the human body perceives food as less sweet at lower temperatures. In other words, the espresso will naturally taste more sour than when served hot. If you want to add sugar, remember that sugar does not dissolve that easily in your cold drink. Either add it into the hot espresso before you pour it onto the ice; or use liquid sugar.

Oh, and almond milk, soy milk, or lactose free milk work just fine too!

Enjoy the summer with a tasty coffee coming from one of our sustainable Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules, poured over a some cold ice cubes.


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