Premium Coffee Spotlight: Indonesian Single Origin

Premium Coffee Spotlight: Indonesian Single Origin

Each coffee has its story...

And our Indonesian Single Origin capsules have a good one - this coffee is one smooth operator.

It's renowned for its rich, deep, syrupy sweetness paired with spicy cinnamon and nutmeg tasting notes and rustic earthy aromas. It has a complex flavour, low acidity and a long finish. It is really easy to get addicted to this beautiful coffee.

It's time you found out about our Indonesian Single Origin — enjoy a 400-year history of flavour in a cup.

The Origin

Our Indonesian Sumatra Single Origin comes from an Arabica bean. It is grown on the Sunda Islands, which are a group of islands along the coast of Western Indonesia. It is typically grown in small farms, dotted with a handful of trees farmed by families who can own as little as 100 coffee trees to a few acres of land. Similar to Kenya and Colombia, farms in this region typically work together in cooperatives with sales done together and profits split evenly.


The Sunda Islands are located in the coffee green belt of Indonesia where tropical, hot and humid weather creates some of the best coffee in the world. It yields a unique taste, composed of chocolatey and earthy flavours.


The Indonesian Sumatra coffee is processed differently compared to other coffee beans. It makes the coffee unique, and it is due to the way it is harvested. The method is referred to as wet-hull. In other coffee-producing countries, the beans are left to dry until there is about 10-11% moisture left before they are processed further. Not so in Indonesia, which is due to the volatile weather, giving farmers only a few hours a day of drying time before the rain starts pouring again. Thus, uniquely, the coffee beans are only left to dry until they reach 50% moisture content, allowing for more fermentation and more complex earthy flavours.

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