The 'Attenborough Effect': Consumers Ready To Ditch Plastic

The 'Attenborough Effect': Consumers Ready To Ditch Plastic

Yes, you are read this correctly! There is a consumer behaviour effect named after nonetheless than David Attenborough, the person known for narrating programs about nature.

After launching “Blue Planet II” and Netflix’s “Our Planet”, he has risen to a key influencers on sustainability issues affecting our global population. This is a unique window for us all to capitalise on consumer perceptions surrounding sustainable packaging of products and corporates willingness to act.

Consumers now genuinely care, and they’re expecting more from brands than ever before thanks to social media reinforcing a culture of accountability among businesses: New research shows that more than half of consumers have reduced the amount of single-use plastic they are using in the last 12 months, and young people are more willing to opt for pricier alternatives.

In the UK, more than 80 per cent of respondents who said they valued sustainable packaging were concerned about the future of the environment. That is why we at Movingbeans have spent past years to reinvent materials around Nespresso-compatible coffee pods.

Thanks to our efforts and your support, our products are now end-to-end free of plastic and aluminium. This includes the package you receive through your door, the coffee package and of course our pods.

Enjoy your sustainable cup of coffee with the “Moving Beans Effect”! :)


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