The Perfect Coffee Pairing

The Perfect Coffee Pairing

Sometimes you can find nutty tasting notes in coffee. Sometimes you can find them in, well, nuts!

Our friends over at Cajuu have an outstanding selection of cashews, in a variety of flavours and seasonings. They bring their knowledge and family expertise of the cashew nut and its benefits to the world. They also work hard to develop new and innovative cashew products and flavours, whilst putting Tanzania on the map and giving back to its cashew farming communities.

They're the perfect pairing with your Moving Beans espresso!

Their Lake Natron Salt and Pepper Cashew Nuts are the perfect pairing with our Reserve Blend.

 Salt & Pepper Cashews | Cajuu


Their Vanilla and Salted Caramel cashews pair perfectly with our Bold Espresso blend, balancing a bold, deep espresso with the smooth nutty sweetness.

Vanilla & Salted Caramel Cashews | Cajuu

Their Mango Moa cashews are also delicious, and will pair with just about anything!

Mango Moa Cashews | Cajuu

The company prides itself on delivering the highest quality cashew snacks, making it their mission to showcase the hard work of the people behind Cajuu, to put planet over profit, and to pay tribute to our heritage and provenance

They look after their team, farming partners in Tanzania to the individuals in the UK - all the incredible men and women that make Cajuu what it is. They care deeply about our planet and everything they do - from Tanzania to the UK - and ensures that we're doing the best by it.

Their roots are from Tanzania and they infuse the heritage and provenance throughout the Cajuu brand, from the identity to their range of delicious cashews!

Learn more about them and shop their delicious cashews on their site:

Cajuu products are also available in Selfridges, Ocado, and Whole Foods, as well as numbers other stores!


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