Moving Beans partners with Travel Without Plastic

Moving Beans partners with Travel Without Plastic

The Moving Beans Team is proud to announce its new partnership with Travel Without Plastic!

Travel Without Plastic is an initiative started by a group of veteran hotel and tourism industry execs.

They are on a mission to use their knowledge and experience to revitalize the travel industry and help make the operations of key players in the biz more sustainable.

Having worked with and audited hundreds of hotels since 2001, they've worked with General Managers, Housekeepers, Receptionists, Gardeners, Food and Beverage Staff, Entertainers and Spa Colleagues, and have come to know the challenges in implementing change in the industry better than anyone else.

We're delighted to be working with them, helping the environment one cup of coffee at a time (or one vacation at a time!)

Find out more about Travel Without Plastic here. 


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