We are open for business, downunder in Australia

We are open for business, downunder in Australia

We are open for business in Australia! Today, we officially opened our downunder office. Dan, one of Moving Bean's cofounders, has not only jumped on a plane downunder but he has fully settled in Australia to grow our Moving Beans business there. 

Australians are known to be coffee lovers, and known to be very susceptible to sustainability and their wonderful environment. We felt it made sense to open our doors in Australia. 

We managed to get our stock shipped to a fulfilment warehouse; and have just made our very first sales. Over the coming months, we will identify roasters in Australia to produce all ingredients truly locally. 

To a new beginning downunder!

PS: One of the advantages of having part of the team in London and the other in Australia is that our customer service is now truly 24/7 :).

Moving Beans Australia

Bringing you the finest coffees in Nespresso-compatible compostable coffee pods directly to your door, affordably and conveniently.

All Aussie-made and roasted in Sydney!


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