Why Taking Proper Care of Your Coffee Machine Matters

Why Taking Proper Care of Your Coffee Machine Matters

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If you’ve invested money and taken time to select a coffee machine that’s right for you, you’ll want to maintain the device to ensure plenty of delicious brews to come.   Whether you are a decaf or a full-flavored roast type, iced or mocha coffee drinker, taking proper care of the machine pays dividends.  Gone are the days of making do with instant granules.   Nowadays, Brits consume almost 3 kilos of coffee per person every year, and most people want that coffee to taste great.  We’re prepared to pay for it.  The global coffee market was worth a staggering 217 billion dollars in the year 2021.  So, taking proper care of your coffee machine is a key step and a smart investment to maintaining coffee that hits the mark, and knowing how to clean your coffee machine properly is vital.

Coffee has been motivating us into action for a very long time.  That early morning wake-up juice has been getting us started for far longer than any of us can remember.  The first coffee beverages produced from roasted coffee beans originated in Ethiopia in the 13th century.  A keen-eyed local goat herder noticed how his flock behaved energetically after consuming berries from coffee bean bushes.  He shared the news with a monk from a nearby monastery.  Soon the monks were making up stewed beverages from the coffee beans in a bid to help them stay alert and awake with early-morning and late-night prayer and devotions.  In time, coffee-based drinks became popular throughout the Arabian Peninsula, and eventually, the rest of the globe. 

In 2022, the coffee machine is the smart and efficient way to create your coffee of choice. 21st Century coffee, particularly, if produced at home, is increasingly likely to come from a popular coffee pod machine, for example Nespresso. With eco options available, offering compostable and sustainable biodegradable coffee pods, coffee pod machines are only on the rise.  Alternatively, perhaps you’ve blown the budget and invested in one of the bean-to-cup machines on the market.  Real coffee aficionados may well have been tempted to part with serious cash by purchasing a commercial style espresso machine, such as the Gaggia 1003380 model.  Whichever style, brand or model of coffee machine you have opted for, taking care of it is a labor of love and will help you maintain the machine for brews to come. 

Let’s take time to consider the how, when and why of taking proper care of your coffee machine, so you can do it without stress. 

Why maintain your coffee machine?

The why in terms of maintaining your coffee machine comes in many guises:

  • Maintaining your coffee machine will keep it working for longer.
  • Your coffee machine is an investment. Taking care of it will make it more likely that your machine keeps producing great coffee for years to come, ultimately saving you from buying a new machine because the existing one is malfunctioning due to poor maintenance.
  • Consistently great tasting coffee comes from well-maintained machines. Proper cleaning and maintenance help guard against contamination from mineral deposit build ups which can interfere with taste.  It also allows you to remove build-up of oils from the coffee which can lead to a rancid tasting brew. 


When to maintain your coffee machine?

So – how often to clean and descale your coffee machine?  Well, if the machine indicates that descaling is needed, it’s certainly time.  This will depend on usage – but, with regular use, descaling is likely to be required 3 or 4 times each year.  To maintain your machine’s good looks and sleek appearance, you’ll want to want to clean any dust from the exterior more regularly – on a weekly basis, and to wash removable parts with soapy water, ideally after every use.

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How to maintain your coffee machine?

Let’s find out how to best go about maintaining your coffee machine:

Keeping the exterior clean:

You are looking to clean away dust and grease from the exterior that looks unsightly and, if left, can interfere with the surface finish.  Give your machine a wipe down with a slightly damp microfiber cloth regularly, at least once a week. Avoid the use of any harsh chemicals which could damage the finish.   If the machine has greasy residue on the exterior, look to dissolve and remove with a solution of dishwash detergent diluted in warm water.  Buff to a shine with a dry microfiber cloth. 


Maintaining internal parts:

Keep a close eye on removable internal parts.  You are checking for any cracks or damage.  Replace parts promptly – buying genuine parts from the machine’s manufacturer if you become aware of any issues.  Checking for worn or damaged parts can be part of a regular cleaning routine.  You are looking to regularly clean internal parts to maintain the machine.  This can be daily, or even after each use.  Check the manufacturers guidance for specific cleaning details for your make and model.   At the least, remove the drip tray and water tank and wash in warm, soapy water.  Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.  Wash any receptacle that has held the coffee beans or ground coffee after use. 


Descaling is a key part of maintaining the machine.  Descaling is designed to remove any mineral buildup within the pipes and inner workings of the machine.  Water contains minerals, such as lime.  Over time, this lime builds up and can disrupt, or stop, the flow of water, like a blocked artery.

Whilst many manufacturers recommend their own branded descaler, there are also greener and eco-friendly options available that do not include harsh toxic chemicals.  Whichever brand of descaler you opt for, dilute the formula according to instructions and leave for the specified time.  Rinsing is vital.  Again, follow instructions. You may need to rinse through to flush any product residue around 4 to 5 times.  This is important to ensure your machines longevity and also that any coffee does not contain trace amounts of the product. 

So, whilst maintaining your machine does involve a time and effort commitment, it can pay real dividends to give the machine due attention and care.  Once you get into regular habits of cleaning, checking and maintaining your coffee machine, the process is simple and straightforward – leaving you with enough energy to sit and enjoy a coffee of your choice. 

-Written By Jade Piper

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