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What Is In The Capsules?

Coffee. Fresh. Roast and Ground. Nothing more, nothing less, and from only the best beans from the best farms around the world. Milled to the perfect grain size, we ensure that only the freshest coffee taste reaches your cup. All of our customers highlight the premium coffee taste! 

What are they made of?

Our capsules are made from sugar cane and sugar beet plants. Unlike ordinary plastic and aluminium coffee pods, they can be used and then thrown in your organic waste. We encourage you to use the bins provided and collected by your local council for composting.

For Which Coffee Machines?

The capsules work with all Nespresso®-compatible machines currently on the market. Do check your machine beforehand as they cannot be used in commercial or Vertuo Nespresso machines; although we are working on a solution for that, so stay tuned ...

How to properly compost?

We recommend throwing them out with your organic waste as they decompose in 12-16 weeks in the Council composting facilities. Composting at home is perfectly safe! Decomposition will just take longer since conditions are not perfect in terms of temperature, humidity, etc. 

Our Certificates on Compostability

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our capsules have been tested by TUV Austria and have been granted the certification of TUV-Austria - OK Compost and the Standards for Compostability EN13432. That means that the compostability of our capsules is certified.