About the Team

Moving Beans was born out of a love for coffee, science, and the environment.

Dan, Gemma and Mike – a mechanical engineer, a material scientist, and a digital technologist – came together in the winter of 2017 to address a huge pollution problem: over 56 billion coffee pods are consumed every year around the world. All of those plastic and aluminium pods take up to 500 years to decompose, and release harmful byproducts as they do. Most aren’t recycled either.

Gemma and Mike, running the show back in the UK...

Inspired by the accelerating sustainability movement (and a love of coffee), and horrified by the enormous amount of waste generated globally, we left our day jobs to take action and commit ourselves to making a positive impact on our society.

Along our journey, we realized that it’s almost impossible to find capsules that are both fully sustainable and still maintain the great taste of the coffee. That’s why we set out on a mission to create compostable, high quality coffee pods and make them affordable and accessible to everyone. We believe that, together, we can combine innovative developments and people’s inherent nature to do good to steer the balance towards more sustainable ways of living. We’re helping our planet, one cup of coffee at a time.

Dan, getting things set up in Australia.

Our coffee pods are made entirely from plant-based materials that originate from sugar beet. They contain absolutely no aluminum or hydrocarbon plastics. The packaging also contains no plastic or aluminum at all - just recycled paper! Once used, you can throw the whole pod straight into your organic waste bin. You can read more about our coffee pods right here.