Our Compostable Coffee Pods & Sustainability

It's easy to see why coffee pods are so popular: they're quick, convenient and make a great cup of coffee every time, so they go really well with the quick pace of our modern times.

However, the environmental impact is a disaster with over 56,000,000,000 (that's 56 BILLION) being consumed around the world each year, with 350,000,000 capsules being thrown out every year in the UK alone, most of which end up in landfill and take up to 500 years to decompose!

Despite efforts to encourage recycling, hundreds of millions of plastic and aluminium pods are still being thrown away every year in the UK and across the rest of the world.

Our Nespresso-compatible compostable coffee pods are made completely from plant-based materials originating from sugar cane and sugar beet and contain no aluminium or hydrocarbon plastics. The packaging also contains no plastic or aluminium at all - just recyclable paper!

Moving Beans | Compostable Coffee Pods | Compostable Nespresso Pods | Nespresso Pods

Naturally, we haven't forgotten to pack our pods with the best coffee either. We've meticulously searched the globe to find the finest coffees from the most renowned coffee farms around the world. Once the coffee is sourced, it is then carefully roasted to yield best flavours and tasting notes so that you get the perfect espresso every time. Finally, it's then packed in our compostable pods in a protective atmosphere so those flavours are never spoiled.

Moving Beans | Compostable Coffee Pods | Compostable Nespresso Pods | Nespresso Pods

It is almost impossible to find coffee pods that are both biodegradable and maintain the delicious taste of the coffee. Other biodegradable or compostable coffee pods are often stored in packaging made of non-recyclable plastic, eliminating any benefit from creating a sustainable coffee capsule.

That is, until Moving Beans came along after a coffee lover met a scientist to offer the unrivalled biodegradable Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules which maintain the taste of the coffee. Our capsules are 100% biodegradable can be safely thrown out with your food waste.

We are pioneers in solving the problem of producing Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules which are compostable and create a hermetic seal to maintain the delicious taste of the coffee. Our factory is IFS-certified and all of our products have TUV Austria - OK Compost certification.

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About Us :)

Moving Beans was born from our love of coffee and science!

A group of coffee-lovers with years of experience in roasting and making delicious coffee met a group of science-lovers with years of experience in developing environmentally-friendly materials.

Realizing that a lot of people love the effortless convenience of coffee capsules, using our extensive knowledge (and love!) of great coffee we've focused on finding the highest quality coffee beans available and packaged them in those wonderfully convenient Nespresso-compatible capsules!

But that wasn't all. We also realized that sustainability is becoming an important factor when it comes to single-use coffee capsules and pods - especially since plastic and aluminium capsules are producing huge amounts of waste as they become more and more popular.

That's why we offer Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules that are not only completely biodegradable and compostable, but also keep your coffee fresh! 

You can find more about sustainability and our coffee capsules here, and why we're on a mission to help the environment one coffee capsule at a time.

We are certain that you'll love our coffee, our friendly service, and our fast and reliable delivery. If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you.

With a lot of love, above all to you and the environment,
The Moving Beans Team.


About Our Compostable Coffee Pods

Moving Beans Sustainable & Biodegradable Coffee Pods

What's in them?

Coffee. Fresh. Roast and Ground. Nothing more, nothing less, and from only the best beans from the best farms.

What are they made of?

Our capsules are made using materials derived from sugar cane and sugar beet plants. They will fully decompose into compost under commercial composting conditions.

The capsules work with all Original Nespresso® Machines (unfortunately, they cannot be used in commercial and Vertuo Nespresso machines. Although we are working on a solution for that - stay tuned...)

Unlike ordinary plastic or aluminium coffee pods, once you've used them they can be thrown in your organic waste bin provided by your local council. We recommend throwing them out with your organic waste so that they can be composted in a commercial composting plant so that the capsules decompose much more quickly. It takes between 12-16 weeks for the capsules to fully decompose. Composting at home is perfectly safe, and the pods won't release any harmful byproducts as they degrade, bit it will take longer because the right composting conditions - temperature, humidity, time of the year, location of your compost heap, amount of oxygen, amongst many other factors - influence the process.

TUV Austria OK compost certification - Moving Beans Coffee

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our capsules have been tested by TUV Austria and has been granted the certification of TUV-Austria - OK Compost and the Standards for Compostability EN13432.


Moving Beans Ambassador Program

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We give you a unique discount code and you spread the word about Moving Beans, and our social and environmental mission, with your friends, colleagues and family.


The people you have referred enjoy a discount on their product purchase. And since we know how much is attributed to your discount code, we give you another discount credit on their aggregate purchase. You can redeem it through coffee or money transfer.


We are lucky to have a wide range of ambassadors, from very different backgrounds of life: people who just want to make a difference, or run e-commerce, or are social media stars,  We would be very happy to share more details - just contact us by email! 


Moving Beans Business Partnerships

Co-Selling Partnerships

We are open for coffee business partnerships of different types. We have just recently partnered in a co-sell arrangement with the very innovative and amazing company Nowpresso. If you are interested in similar arrangements, just get in touch with us so we can jointly explore the opportunity.


Wholesale, White-labelling & Re-selling

We offer wholesale prices globally, so you can re-sell in shops or supermarkets. We also are happy to white-label our coffee and/or capsules so that you can sell under your own brand. For instance, if you are a hotel and would like compostable coffee pods, we are your partner! 


Office & Business Supply

We are happy to supply you and your business at discounted rates. Just contact us regarding volume and frequency and we will arrange for delivery against invoice-payment. Our caffeine has surely boosted productivity of a few companies in past years! ;)