First Time Shopper

Which coffee is right for me?

Coffee has more aromatic and flavour compounds than wine so giving you a specific recommendation is difficult. You should try for yourself, really.
We know that we cannot please everybody but we also know that almost all customers come back to us --- so we do get something right :). All reviews on our site are real, and you can give visible feedback too! 

Why do I pay shipping for small orders?

If you shop with Nespresso or other large brands, you get shipping for free on any order because they have scale and their polluting plastic pods are much cheaper to produce.
We will offer free shipping on any order size once we are of sufficient scale. For the time being, however, we need your help to scale to the point where economically we can afford offering you free shipping on all orders. 
Until then, we can only afford doing it for orders above £30. Please, remember that we employ people to handle the shipping and they need to provide for their families too.