Innovation in Compostability

With two material scientists in the team, our main focus is on using our cutting-edge knowledge to develop next-generation compostable materials. We are constantly innovating and improving our current material. If you want to partner with us, just get in touch! :)


Innovating in Coffee Grain

Finding the perfect coffee, the perfect composition and the perfect grain size is not trivial! Coffee which is perfect for hand milling, does rarely work in a Nespresso-compatible coffee pod. Mathematicians have finally established, what we knew for a long time already, the perfect grain exists!


Innovation in Digital

One of our co-founders is Professor in digital and we thus took the integration of cutting-edge digital tools into Moving Beans very seriously. We are currently exploring the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchains. If you want to collaborate with us on this, just get in touch!