Mission and Values

We're more than just a coffee pod company and we're taking a long-term view to helping the environment by creating better, more sustainable products.

Our vision: Making high-quality sustainable products affordable and accessible to everyone.

Everything we do and every decision we make is guided by a clearly defined mission and set of values:

Our Values:

  1. Sustainability

    The foundation of everything we make and everything we do.

    Making sure the world’s consumers have a sustainable option is critical to achieving our goal of creating a sustainable product and giving consumers an option to help them make more sustainable consumer choices.

  2. High Quality 

    There’s a stigma for some that sustainable products are just lower-quality alternatives of widely used consumer products or are just a fashionable way of looking more eco-friendly.

    At Moving Beans, we want to make a positive and permanent change to consumer products so we can all have a positive and permanent impact on the environment.

  3. Accessibility & Affordability 

    Saving the Earth doesn’t have to cost the Earth.  And quality doesn’t have to be associated with a high price tag either.

    The more people that have access to sustainable products, the better. No prohibitive price tags and a global reach. It’s the only real way to make an impact.

  4. Continuous Improvement 

    Using our technical expertise and knowledge of the industry, we will be continuously improving every aspect our product and the service we offer.

    We will be optimizing every stage of production and ensuring everything we do is done in the most efficient and economical way.